we created the leveling system for two reasons:

  1.  we wanted to help explain the flavor profiles of the juices in a basic manner.

  2. we wanted to encourage customer desire to be healthier. let's face it, who doesn't want to be a higher level when given the chance? well, with our juices, the higher the level, the higher the nutritional density.

Level 1 juices are comprised of more fruit and thus have a sweeter, more delicate flavor profile. Those that are brand new to cold-pressed juices and have a diet that rarely incorporates fruits or veggies should try a level 1 juice to start out.

level 2. though still on the easier side, these juices contain some vegetable content and ingredients like ginger. level 2 juices are still in the intro level phase, with an easy-to-mild flavor profile.

level 3 juices generally contain a higher vegetable-than-fruit ratio. if you enjoy salads and eat raw produce often, you can reach this level without too much juicing experience.

level 4 is our highest level. these juices are either all-veggie or have a very bold flavor profile. it is recommended to start with earlier levels and progress up to level 4 as they are formulated specifically for content and not so much for taste.