what makes cold-pressed different?

our juices are cold-pressed as opposed to the traditional centrifugal-style juicing. juicing in the centrifugal fashion creates heat and introduces oxidation at a rapid rate. the result is a juice with a very limited shelf life and inferior nutritional value. the cold-pressed method is a two step process:

  1. masticating: the produce is masticated - the result is produce that looks as if it was chewed up
  2. pressing: the masticated produce falls into a permeable bag that is then pressed between two stainless steel plates powered by a hydraulic press. the press operates at 100psi when closed and squeezes much more efficiently (more juice) than a centrifugal juice machine. more juice = more nutrients.

what makes your juice different from otherS?

our process of juicing is built specifically to lock in as much nutrition as possible. we prep each juice in large bins and they are stored under refrigeration until they hit the juicing line. within 5 minutes off of our press, the juices are bottled and then returned into refrigeration. With unpasteurized juice, temperature and oxidation are of top importance to lock in freshness, value, and extend shelf life naturally. our bottles are filled to the brim to minimize any oxidation. this process allows us to have a 5 day shelf life and often can last even longer if unopened and kept refrigerated. we do not use any artificial ingredients, pasteurization, or shelf-stabilizing components in our juice.

What is your shipping policy?

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Are your juices gluten free?

by default, all of our products are gluten free.

are your juices organic?

our juices only contain organic and non-gmo ingredients.

Any other questions?

send us an email or tweet us @coldoffthepress and we'll make sure to answer your questions!