This is our passion

creating a juice that satisfies the taste buds is easy. But creating a juice that satisfies the goal of hitting areas of nutrition that most people miss while satisfying the taste buds takes some work. For us, this “work” is also our everyday hobby. We love to test our limits and try new things that can help bring more nutritional benefits to you, the consumer (and selfishly us too). We’ve already gone through over 50 different formulas in less than 3 years. Expect more to come!

The gains are real

at Cold Off the Press, we seek to empower you with a product to aid in your quest towards gainsWe define gains as being the unofficial unit of measure that symbolizes the progress you make towards becoming a better version of yourself. Whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, or even as far as regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the mission of Cold Off the Press is to be here to help you get those gains.

About our founder

our founder, Amir Sadeghi, developed an interest in the correlation between dietary intake and exercise performance in college. As an exercise physiology student, he learned of the vast benefits that exercise has on the body in relation to health and vitality. he began to test his theories of how to increase performance naturally based on dietary habits and nutrient timing. After tons of research and using himself as his own test subject, his results were powerful. powerful enough to commit to opening a business focused on nutrition as means to become healthy and aid in a better quality of life.